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There are some instances where it may become necessary to reauthenticate your email account with SeekOut in order to continue to use Messaging. This is a short and simple process that ‘reboots’ your connection to SeekOut.

When you reauthenticate your email, any Active message campaigns are paused. You will need to manually resume any active message campaigns after you reauthenticate your email address.

Disconnect Your Email

Go to the Messaging section and select the Settings tab. Click on Email Settings from the connected account and select Remove Account


In the pop-up, click Disconnect, then confirm your choice by clicking Disconnect again.


Your email is now disconnected from SeekOut's Messaging feature.

Reconnect Your Email

Go to the Messaging section, then select the Settings tab. Click Link an email account. 


In the pop-up, check the box next to Your email account, and then click Continue.

Type in your email and click Sign In, and you will be taken to your email account's login page. Login using your email address and password. (This is the password for your email account, not for SeekOut.) 

Microsoft Users: You may see a message indicating you need admin approval. This article will help your email administrator with the steps to add SeekOut Messaging to your approved apps. 

Enable Permissions

After logging into your email, your mail host may ask you to accept permissions. Ensure that you accept all permissions asked by SeekOut, including the ability to view email message metadata labels and headers and the ability to send mail on your behalf. 

The permissions screen will look different depending on your mail host. Below is an example of Google's permissions screen when linking your email to SeekOut. 


Confirm your account is connected

When your account has been linked, you will be automatically returned to the Messaging Settings tab. Your linked email address will be in the section 'Your connected email accounts.' 


Resume Paused Campaigns

If you had any active campaigns before reconnecting your email, you will need to resume each one.

From the Messaging section, select the Campaigns tab. Click the three-dots on the far right of the campaign name and choose Resume


The campaign status will change to Active and resume from where they left off within 20 minutes.

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